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Tank Water Finding Paste
Tank Water Finding Paste
Tank Water Finding Paste for Diesel, Gasoil, Kerosene, Petrol & Heating Oil Detects the presence of water in tanks, smear onto the dipstick & leave in fuel, paste turns from dark brown to red on contact with water 90g tube
from £11.35 ex VAT
(£13.62 inc VAT)
CIM-TEK Tank Dryer - Check for water in your tank!
CIM-TEK Tank Dryer - Check for water in your tank!
CIM-TEK Tank Dryer Absorbs water out of Fuel, Diesel, Petrol, Bio-Diesel, Fuel Oil. The Cim-Tek Tank dryer is a water filtration device which sits at the bottom of your tank removing any water. Manufactured from a super-absorbent polymer, the device rests on the base of the tank and is attached to the fill area via the attached cord and clip. How Tank Dryer works Simply lower Tank Dryer...


£21.00 ex VAT
(£25.20 inc VAT)

Water Soakers
Water Soakers
How Tank Water Soakers Work Simply lower Water Soaker through the fill point or inspection chamber of your fuel tank, letting it sink into place at the bottom of the tank and secure using the attached cord. Water is fully absorbed, the nylon bladder expands into the mesh containment tube and then should be removed and discarded responsibly. It is recommended that each Water Soaker should be inspected...


from £19.00 ex VAT
(£22.80 inc VAT)
What are the advantages of a Tiger Loop?

The Tiger Loop is a de-aeration device which removes air from the fuel prior to combustion. The result is a cleaner, more-efficient burn, with reduced emissions and enhanced cold weather performance. Additionally, the Tiger Loop can permit the tank to be positioned lower than the burner and up to 30 metres away. Therefore when connected to a pressure jet burner, it is ideal for Top Outlet Bunded Tank installations and eliminates the need for an undesirable return line. Please note that Tiger Loops are unsuitable for use with installations incorporating a vaporising burner.

How do I prime a Tiger Loop?

The Tiger Loop is self priming.

Do You Supply Dipsticks?

No – not as separate items. However, dipsticks are supplied as standard on all Harlequin tanks with a capacity between 650 litres and 2700 litres as standard.

Do You Sell Gravity Feed Kits for the Delivery of Diesel Fuel?

No, as an environmentally responsible supplier we do not supply these kits, due to the high risk of accidental damage / discharge associated with their use. Additionally, at many installations today their continued use is illegal. If you require a tank to store diesel fuel for vehicular use, we would advise you consider a Harlequin Fuel Station, or Fuel Point.