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Piusi Panther 56 Diesel Transfer Pump
Piusi Panther 56 Diesel Transfer Pump
Piusi Panther 56 Electric Diesel Transer Pump The Italian manufacturerd Piusi Panther 56 is the market leading diesel transfer pump for vehicle refuelling, renowned for its quality and reliability. The Panther 56 is the entry level model in the Piusi mains powered, diesel refuelling pump range and proves most popular for standard diesel dispensing. Compact and easy to install, these electric diesel...


from £189.80 ex VAT
(£227.76 inc VAT)
Piusi Panther 72 Diesel Transfer Pump 400v
Piusi Panther 72 Diesel Transfer Pump 400v
Piusi Panther 72 Diesel Transfer Pump Made by Italian manufacturer Piusi, the Panther 72 diesel transfer pump is reliable, quality and versatile in its application. The Panther 72 is the higher flow, flanged equivalent of the Panther 56 diesel refuelling pump, and thanks to its good flow rate is popular for the refuelling of vehicle fleets. Being mains powered, the Panther range are the perfect...
£285.00 ex VAT
(£342.00 inc VAT)

Piusi E80 Diesel Transfer Pump
Piusi E80 Diesel Transfer Pump
Piusi E80 Diesel Transfer Pump The Piusi E80 diesel transfer pumps are Italian manufactured refuelling pumps known in the market for their quality construction and reliability. This powerful, self-priming rotary vane diesel fuel transfer pump is designed for private, industrial uses such as fixed fuel dispensing systems on storage tanks. The good flow rate associated with this diesel dispensing...
£321.52 ex VAT
(£385.82 inc VAT)
Piusi E120 Diesel Transfer Pump 400v
Piusi E120 Diesel Transfer Pump 400v
Piusi E120 Diesel Transfer Pump Italian manufactured Piusi E120 diesel transfer pumps are powerful, quality and compact units suitable for a number of applications, particularly those requiring high flow rates. As the quickest pump in the Piusi diesel fuel transfer pump range, this model is particularly popular for the refuellingof larger vehicles and machinery. However, provided that mains power...
£417.90 ex VAT
(£501.48 inc VAT)

400v Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps FAQs

Can I use a 18v battery on a 12V pump?

It is not recommended to use an 18V battery on a 12V pump. This is because the voltage of the battery needs to match the voltage of the pump to ensure proper function and prevent damage to both the pump and the battery. When you use a battery with a higher voltage than the pump is designed for, the motor in the pump will spin faster than intended. This can cause excessive wear and tear on the motor, which can lead to overheating, damage to the pump's internal components, and even total failure of the pump. In some cases, a pump may have a voltage range that it can operate within, which could allow it to function with an 18V battery. However, it is always best to consult the manufacturer's instructions and specifications before using a battery with a different voltage than what is recommended.

How long can a 12V pump run on a battery?

This will depend on several factors, including the type and size of the battery, the pump's motor efficiency, and the amount of fuel being transferred. A fully charged 12V pump should run for several hours. However, if you are transferring a large amount of fuel or using the pump for an extended period, the battery may run out of power more quickly. It helps to choose a high-quality battery with a high amp-hour rating. Additionally, you can reduce the strain on the battery by using a pump with a more efficient motor, or by using the pump intermittently rather than continuously. It is also important to monitor the battery's charge level and recharge it as needed. Some 12V pumps come with built-in battery monitors or low-voltage shut-off features to help prevent damage to the battery.

What types of pumps are suitable for diesel?

A hand fuel transfer pump can be used to move fuel from one container to another. Useful in many different industries, including automotive, industrial, and agricultural, hand fuel transfer pumps are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them ideal for use in remote locations or in areas where power is not available. They can be used for refuelling vehicles, boats, and other equipment.

If you’re working remotely or travelling to areas where there isn’t mains power, 12v pumps are a good option. These types of pumps come with two crocodile clips that you attach onto a power source such as a car battery. Our 230v diesel pumps are more popular for use with static tanks on a working farm, for example, and tend to come with a 3-pin caravan plug or a 3-pin UK domestic plug. 

Our engine driven fuel transfer pumps are an efficient way to move fuel from one location to another. These pumps are powered by an electric motor and are generally used for transferring fuel from a storage tank to a vehicle or other equipment. Available in a range of sizes, they can be used for a variety of applications in agricultural, industrial, and commercial. Learn more about these products with our helpful guide to diesel pumps.

Can I use diesel transfer pumps for kerosene?

Unfortunatly no. Kerosene has a lower flash point that diesel.

Because of this lower flash point there will be a greater chance of a spark resulting in ignition during the pumping phase.

**Please note: All kerosene, just like petrol must be ATEX approved, meeting they are certified as being safe for use in potentially flammable environments**

Where are fuel dispensing pumps typically used?

Fuel dispensing pumps are mainly installed on static fuel storage tanks. They can be purchased as a complete unit with a tank, or they can be retrofitted to existing tanks.

Typically, fuel transfer pumps are used in non-resale refuelling environments as it is not weights and measures approved. (If a weight and measure pump is needed, we ask for you to contact us or send us an email on sales@fueltankshop.co.uk so we can discuss your requirements).

The fuel dispensing pump is an ideal solution for the refuelling of fleets of vehicles, agricultural machinery as well as plant equipment.

What is the lead time for the pumps?

We try to keep our lead times all up to date and in a ever changing industry with high demand we cant always guarantee that we have every pump in stock. If the website doesn’t advertise a lead time we suggest popping on to the online chat, giving us a call or email just to double check and we can advise of the currently lead time.

What pump do I need?

With a large range of pumps we can offer it may be difficult to know where to begin. Because the pumps have different flow rates and this can impact your choice especially if you already have a nozzle or hose already on site. We recommend if you are unsure to give us a call on 01643704328 or email us on sales@fueltankshop.co.uk and we can assist you in your search.

What is the difference between 12V and 230V?

12v pumps tend to be more popular for people who are working more remote or on the travel where mains power isnt an option, These style of pumps come with 2 crocodile clips that attached onto a power source such as a car battery. 230V is more popular for use with static tanks in a working yard or a farm (for example). They tend to come with a 3 pin caravan plug or a 3 pin UK domestic plug.

What is the Best Diesel Transfer Pump?

There are various types of diesel transfer pumps available depending on the application and the volume of fuel you are pumping. For large volumes of fuel, there are diesel pumps integrated into fuel management systems, so you can track your fuel consumption. 

If you would like our advice on choosing the correct diesel pump, then please get in touch with our friendly team today.

For links to our fuel management systems please click Fuel Management Systems

Can I use a Diesel Pump to Transfer Petrol?

No, to transfer petrol you must use an ATEX rated pump which is safe to use in an explosive atmosphere. There are strict guidelines that must be followed in an areas where flamible substances are stored. 

To learn more about the ATEX Directives go to the HSE's website here

One of our Atex Rated Pumps is the Piusi EX50 Atex Pump

If you want to learn more about these pumps, read our beginners guide to diesel pumps here.

How Does a Fuel Transfer Pump Work?

A fuel transfer pump works simple by pumping fuel such as diesel or kerosene from one tank or container to another. Some diesel transfer pumps are rotary vane pumps, others are gear pumps. Electric diesel transfer pumps can be purchased in 12 volt, 24 volt, 230 volt and in ac and dc versions. Some diesel transfer pumps can also be battery operated for remote use.