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2 Inch Aluminium Fuel Tank Vent Cowl
2 Inch Aluminium Fuel Tank Vent Cowl
2 Inch Aluminium Oil Tank Vent Cowl The Aluminium Fuel Tank Vent Cowl is designed to fit over the male thread on the top of an above ground storage tank to provide ventilation. These vent cowls come three lugs for direct fitting, one with an Allan key screw fitting to help secure the cowl to the male thread of the tank. Aluminium Oil Tank Vent Cowl Features: Constructed from aluminium 3...


£15.00 ex VAT
(£18.00 inc VAT)
2 Inch Lockable Filler Cap for Oil Tank2 Inch Lockable Filler Cap for Oil Tank
2 Inch Lockable Filler Cap for Oil Tank
2 Inch Lockable Filler Cap for Oil Tank Locking cap for an oil storage tank fill point. The bottom threaded ring goes over the 2" threaded outlet on your tank and is then secured by the brass shear screw. The top cap then lines up with the elbow locking tab and is secured further by a padlock (not supplied). Strong aluminium construction cap with a hardened steel locking elbow and a brass...


£45.00 ex VAT
(£54.00 inc VAT)

Lid Locking Stud
Lid Locking Stud
Button lock for 19'' Titan Oil Tank Lid and 6'' Titan Oil Tank Inspection Cap
£2.11 ex VAT
(£2.53 inc VAT)
Locking Loop and Nut
Locking Loop and Nut
Can be used for all tanks within the Titan range.
£5.32 ex VAT
(£6.38 inc VAT)

Replacement Deso / Atlas Keys (pair)Replacement Deso / Atlas Keys (pair)
Replacement Deso / Atlas Keys (pair)
Otherwise known as the ' 196 Key ' - this will suit the Deso/Atlas/Titan front stule lid locks. These will come in a pair.


£5.00 ex VAT
(£6.00 inc VAT)
Watchman Universal RX
Watchman Universal RX
Watchman Universal RX The UniWatchman RX is a handy universal receiver for heating oil and waste oil measurement. It's compatible with all existing Sensor Systems gauges and industry standard 4-20Ma sensors. Can be configured to monitor tanks with offset created by a bund or a manhole. The device enables a user to activate an external alarm if a rapid drop is detected. Powered by a 9-12 V...
£220.00 ex VAT
(£264.00 inc VAT)

SpinSecure Oil Tank Fill Point Lock
SpinSecure Oil Tank Fill Point Lock
SpinSecure Oil Tank Fill Point Lock Spinsecure TankLock is a fuel tank locking device that will fit to a standard 2' fill point inlet on an oil tank to secure its contents. Its clever design utilises Spin Secure technology in that when the cap is locked it spins freely and is almost impossible to remove. Most existing locking caps are supplied in two pieces and are often secured in place...


from £57.00 ex VAT
(£68.40 inc VAT)
Oil Tank Security Cage
Oil Tank Security Cage
Security Cage - Oil Tank Cage Security cage made to suit your heating oil tank and its surrounding environment. Manufactured to your exact specification complete with lockable access. Contact us with your dimensions for a quotation. Specification: Powder coated in Black, Red or Blue as standard Galvanised available at additional cost Supplied flat packed with M10 bolts with Nyloc nut...

What are the advantages of a Tiger Loop?

The Tiger Loop is a de-aeration device which removes air from the fuel prior to combustion. The result is a cleaner, more-efficient burn, with reduced emissions and enhanced cold weather performance. Additionally, the Tiger Loop can permit the tank to be positioned lower than the burner and up to 30 metres away. Therefore when connected to a pressure jet burner, it is ideal for Top Outlet Bunded Tank installations and eliminates the need for an undesirable return line. Please note that Tiger Loops are unsuitable for use with installations incorporating a vaporising burner.

How do I prime a Tiger Loop?

The Tiger Loop is self priming.

Does a Tiger Loop require batteries or mains power?


Do You Supply Dipsticks?

No – not as separate items. However, dipsticks are supplied as standard on all Harlequin tanks with a capacity between 650 litres and 2700 litres as standard.

Do You Sell Gravity Feed Kits for the Delivery of Diesel Fuel?

No, as an environmentally responsible supplier we do not supply these kits, due to the high risk of accidental damage / discharge associated with their use. Additionally, at many installations today their continued use is illegal. If you require a tank to store diesel fuel for vehicular use, we would advise you consider a Harlequin Fuel Station, or Fuel Point.