What Are Diesel Pumps?

Diesel transfer pumps are a type of machinery that is able to take diesel a storage tank into a vehicle or factory equipment.

These pumps come in difference voltages starting from 12v going all the way up to 400v with the most popular being 230v options.

Diesel pumps come in a vast variety of shapes and fixing to suit all possible needs. You can get these pumps to mount drums, you can also retro fit the diesel pumps into existing dispensing set-ups or use these pumps for a completely new installation.

We also offer a range or self priming pumps for ease of use so you can go ahead and start to use the pumps right away.

Diesel transfer pumps also come in different flow rates ranging for around 56lpm (litres per minute) to 100lpm depending on how quickly you would like to dispensing (just bear in mind an average petrol station is 56lpm and anything higher could keep turning off the nozzle)

What voltage do I need?

With a range of voltages this can become a little confusing when selecting your tank.

The 12v and 24v pumps tend to be used when mains power isn't available - an example of this will be farmers filling remotely in fields oppose to having to come back to the farm.

A 230v which is the most popular choice with our customers is a mains powered option and will work on a standard 3 pin UK plug. This option is mainly chosen with people who have constant access to power sockets.

The 400v option goes more into 3 phase which we suggest speaking to a qualified electrician to see if this is the voltage you require. 

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