Can I have a single skin oil tank?


Unlike Bunded Oil Tanks, Single Skin Oil Tanks incorporate no form of secondary containment whatsoever. Therefore, in the event of a spillage, an environmental pollution incident will result.   

Can I have a single skin tank?

You can still have a single skin tank in some areas but you must comply with the regulations.  Single skin tanks are therefore inherently unsuitable for installation at any agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional installations. At many installations, fitting a Single Skin Oil Tank where a Bunded Tank is legally required is a criminal offence.

You do have to have a bunded tank if you are in Wales.

The regulations for single skin tanks are as follows:-

NOT to be installed where "spillage" can run into:

  • An open drain or loose fitting manhole cover
  • Controlled water (river, stream, lake, loch, sea or gound water, ditch, canal, soakaway, septic tank, effluent treatment system, water storage tank, aquifer, gully etc)

MUST be:

  • More than 10m away from controlled water
  • Mor than 50m away from a bore hole
  • The vent point is not visible from the fill point and / or an offset fill point is in use.
  • The tank is supplying fuel to premises other than a dwelling occupied by a single family.
  • The tanks is positioned within 50 metres of agricultural land.
  • Any other site specific hazard exists.
  • In the event of a spillage (however caused) a pollution incident will result.


Single Skin Oil Tanks

Deso Slimline Oil Tank

Even where a Single Skin Tank may currently suffice, serious consideration should be given to fitting a Bunded Tank. Unlike Single Skin Tanks, Bunded Tanks consist of a 'tank within a tank'. The inner tank is the primary storage vessel, whilst the outer tank acts as a failsafe. In the event of a spill, any surplus fuel will be safely and securely contained within the outer tank and an environmental pollution incident will be averted.

Siting of Oil Tanks is governed by BS5410 and Building Regulations:

  • The minimum separation from a building is to be 1.8m and 0.76m from a boundary.
  • Location within a building will require additional considerations.
  • Adequate protection from impact damage is a requirement of the regulations.
  • The use of an oil separator in surface water drainage should be considered.

Fuel Tank Shop will assume no responsibility whatsoever for the installation of a Single Skin Tank where a Bunded Tank is required.

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