Plastic Tanks vs. Steel Tanks

What is the difference between plastic and steel diesel tanks ?

One very common question we get asked is "what is the difference between plastic & steel diesel dispensing tanks ?"

Longevity and security are among the main reasons to select steel over plastic. That is not to say that a plastic tank will not last or hold up to opportunists trying to get at your valuable commodity however, but good points to consider. Also, steel are more resistant to outside forces.

However with preventative maintenance on the steel tank, like painting and treating of any rust sports the steel tank will last a great number of years. Also, being steel would be more resilient to theft.

Steel tanks tend to be for larger capacity of fuel, but plastic is getting more and more towards larger capacities currently with manufacturing techniques enabling a larger tank

Steel tanks are heavier to move once delivered whereas plastic are lighter by nature.

As plastic tanks are rotationally moulded steel tanks are much more labour intensive in construction.



Plastic Tanks vs Steel Tanks

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