Coming Soon to Fuel Tank Shop

Harlequin are releasing the all new Harlequin Heatsream Hot Water Systems. 

The Harlequin Heatstream is a brand new range of hot water systems with pioneering design and made using long lasting polypropylene. 

Benefits of the Harlequin HeatStream

  •  Produces Mains pressurised hot water on demand
  • Safe, quick and easy installation
  • 25 Year Warranty, peace of mind for a generation*
  • Low heat loss due to high levels of insulation
  • No pressure test certification required to install the system
  • System shape can fit neatly into many locations and through a standard door width
  • Easy installation of a secondary return system
  • Tough and durable plastic casing reducing impact of shipping and storage mishaps
  • Compact system for commercial installations
  • Non corrosive polypropylene storage tank
  • Top Positioned Premium Boost Immersion for ultrafast heat up
  • Variable thermostatic mixing valve which can prevent water exceeding 45°C at outlets
  • Immersion & thermostats protected behind durable protective covers
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