Diesel Fuel Management

Diesel Fuel Management

With the rising costs to diesel and the recent changes in legislation, it could well be a benefit to start to consider adding fuel management to your existing tank or including in the specification to a new tank.

We mainly supply Piusi equipment as it is an industry leading system and very reliable.

This can be fitted retrospectively to an existing tank - as long as there is space and other requirements and with many new tanks, usually ones that are larger in capacity such as 5,000 litres and above. But always contact us to see what is available.

We can offer a system which uses key fobs and PIN numbers, or combination of both, to allow only authorized access to your fuel and with the optional PC software downloaded to a PC you would be able to upload fuel usage and monitor the fuel.

Alternatively we can offer the new Piusi B Smart system which instead of key fobs and PINS uses the operatives Bluetooth enabled mobile devices as an electronic key to dispense fuel. This is a cloud based system and does not need additional software as and internet connected PC can access the information for monitoring fuel

piusi cube 70mc fuel management system
piusi cube mc bsmart fuel management system

piusi self service fuel management pc software