Flow Meters

Flow Meters

Flow meters are instruments that are designed to indicate the amount of liquid passing through a pipe. These meters are used in dispensing equipment where you will need to check how much fuel is being dispensed at any one time.

A good example of this will be at a petrol forecourt - when you fill up your vehicle you will notice how the litres will increase the longer you dispense fuel into your vehicle. Our flow meter work in the same way. 

All our flow meters can be set back to zero after every use.

What is the difference between Mechanical and Digital?

The difference between the two types of flow meters is mentioned below for a brief overview.

Mechanical Flow Meter:

The mechanical flow meters are a cheaper alternative to the digital flow meter thanks to their simpler method of displaying the quantity of fluid that has been transferred. These flow meters have a spin dial style display and are known for their high accuracy (between 1 & 2% depending on brand) please click here to see a range of mechanical flow meters.

Digital Flow Meter:

Just like the mechanical flow meters these have high accuracy (also better 1 & 2% depending on brand), oppose to the spin dial display, the digital flow meter counts the liquid and displays it on an electronic, easy to read display. Please click here to see a range of digital flow meters.

Mechanical Flow Meter

Piusi Mechanical Flow Meter

Digital Flow Meter

Piusi Digital Flow Meter