Diesel Tanks - A Guide

Diesel Tanks - A Guide To Questions You May Have

With the current ever rising prices of fuel, many customers large and small are turning to storing their own diesel in a safe, secure tank with reliable pumping equipment and filtration to speed up there refuelling times and by purchasing fuel in bulk reduce costs associated by going to a local filling station a and being victim to constantly changing prices

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What is a diesel tank ?

A diesel dispensing tank is a tank which has its own pumping equipment to dispense safely fuel into a vehicle tank. This is a safety and environmentally friendly move away from the old-fashioned gravity tanks which have no control or safety features for dispensing diesel

There are many options but at the very fundamental level, the tank would have a sumped cabinet which houses the pump, filter, hose and nozzle when not being used, and any optional equipment such as a flow meter, contents gauge, alarm etc

Being a bunded tank this would be compliant with local environmental requirement for storing diesel on a commercial site and does not require any certification like you would for petroleum tanks

Plastic vs. steel ?

One very common question we get asked is "what is the difference between plastic & steel diesel dispensing tanks ?"

Longevity and security are among the main reasons to select steel over plastic. That is not to say that a plastic tank will not last or hold up to opportunists trying to get at your valuable commodity however, but good points to consider. Also, steel are more resistant to outside forces.

However with preventative maintenance on the steel tank, like painting and treating of any rust sports the steel tank will last a great number of years. Also, being steel would be more resilient to theft.

Steel tanks tend to be for larger capacity of fuel, but plastic is getting more and more towards larger capacities currently with manufacturing techniques enabling a larger tank

The steel tanks we sell are manufactured to order and will have a lead time whereas plastic tanks are more quicker available for delivery

Steel tanks are heavier to move once delivered whereas plastic are lighter by nature.

As plastic tanks are rotationally moulded steel tanks are much more labour intensive in construction

Plastic Diesel Tanks
Steel Diesel Tanks

Can diesel tanks be linked ?

In some cases a customer may want to increase storage capacity by linking diesel dispensing tanks.

With plastic this is not usually an option but we do sell the Tuffa 30,000 litre linked tank which is two 15,000 litre tanks linked together

If a customer wishes to link tanks then we would be looking at the steel range as these are built from the ground up and connections whichever way the customer requires can be incorporated


Can I have a diesel tank which feeds a generator too ?

Some customers will have a generator on site which uses fuel and for space requirements want a diesel tank to fill their vehicles up too

In the case of steel tanks, again this can be specified to have a dispensing pump housed in the cabinet and a generator feed (and return if the generator requires this) built into the tank

The only consideration would be if the generator needs to be moved as the diesel tank may not be certified to be moved with fuel inside.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and solutions that we can offer

For further details on generator tanks please click here

Do I require fuel management ?

Do you want to restrict who can dispense fuel?

We can provide a fuel management system to add to the tank which requires a key fob and/or PIN to allow access to authorized staff and with optional PC software you can use the data to monitor and report on fuel usage.

Further to this is the new range of fuel management systems which use the driver's Bluetooth enabled mobile device as the access key to fuel

Please speak to us if this is something that would be beneficial to your company and look forward to saving costs as well as making sure who can dispense fuel is authorized to do so

For further details on fuel management systems please click here

Fuel Management System

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Bespoke Diesel Tanks
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