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Throughout the year we will ask our approved tank installers for their most asked questions they receive from their customers, with regard to tank installations. 

Tank installation questions answered

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Oil tank replacements

Founded by 3 engineers, Alex, Lee and Darren, Oil Tank replacements south-west, have over 15 years experience in domestic and commercial oil tank installations, and related services. Based in Cullompton, Devon, they offer a 7 days a week emergency callout services, as well as tank installations and related services to the following locations: -

  • Cornwall
  • Devon
  • Somerset
  • Dorset
  • Wiltshire
  • Hampshire
  • Avon

Their team of engineers are all fully insured and OFTEC registered. They are experienced in working with the current regulations and are able to offer solutions and adapt each job to fit specific requirements.

They cater for all job sizes, no matter how big or small, domestic or Commerical.

Top Questions Asked..........

 1. How do you transfer the existing oil into our new tank?

If your existing tank is damaged or just needs replacing, we start by syphoning the oil out using a petrol pump into a holding tank. Once the old tank is empty, the Syphoned oil is then cleaned and transferred back into your new tank once installed. 

2. Do I need to run my tank low to help transfer the contents?

This is not needed as we can syphon 1000 litres in 15 minutes and then follow the process mentioned in question 1.

3. Do you remove and waste water and sludge?

Yes we can filter the contents and dispose of any waste water and sludge off site. 

4. Is there anything I need to do prior to your attendance?

It would be advisable, if you have an Aga to switch off the night before to allow the appliance to cool down ready to relight on completion of the new oil storage tank installation and to prevent any airlocks in the system. We would advise the customer on arrival to switch off the boiler again to prevent any airlocks in the system

5. Can you provide a certificate for the installation?

Yes we can supply a CD/10 form to indicate compliance with the current OFTEC regulations.

Preparing foundations for oil tank
Oil tank in backyard plot
Oil tank near a greenhouse
Laying pipework in soil

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3rd August 2021

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