Water Free Cells - Aqua-Zorb

Unbranded Water Free Cells - Aqua-Zorb
Unbranded Water Free Cells - Aqua-ZorbUnbranded Water Free Cells - Aqua-ZorbUnbranded Water Free Cells - Aqua-Zorb

Product Description

Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cells - Remove Water From Your Oil Tank!

Ideal for removing water from larger fuel storage tanks and those with a serious water problem. Depending on the verison purchased, it can remove up to 6.4 litres with one cell.

A new 5,000 litre tank over 12 months in condensation alone can be up to 5 litres.

These are very cost effective, compared to the alternative of having the water pumped out.  These water free cells also help prevent condensation/water building up ensuring top quality fuel at all times.

Absorbtions available (Ensure you check the tank opening size will be sufficient for the version chosen):

  • 789ml (51mm diameter when expanded)
  • 1 litre (63.5mm diameter when expanded)
  • 1.8 litres (76.2mm diameter when expanded)
  • 3.2 litres (101.6mm diameter when expanded)
  • 6.4 litres (152.4mm diameter when expanded)
  • All versions are 813mm/32" long

"Easy" Kit Installation:

  • Shake before use
  • Attach the rod to the water free cell using the ring clips provided
  • Attach the croc clip on the static line to the tank
  • Then lower the water free cell into the tank so it sits on the bottom
  • Tie the retrieval line securely (normally secure under the tank hatch/opening)
  • Allow minimum of 36 hours to absorb water
  • Check on a regular basis, replace annually or when full, dispose off in a suitable place

These "kits" include a stainless steel rod, 5m cable & clip to attach the water free cell onto and to keep the cell on the bottom of the tank and makes it easy to maneuver into position.

Check these cells on a regular basis, when full you just need to purchase the water free cell only (no need to buy another tank rod, cable or clips). Must be replaced annually.

To remove a severe water issue in your tank we also offer 3.2 litre and 6.4 litre capacity versions.  These are available on 7 - 10 days delivery (please enquire for details).

Bio Diesel Bugs
Water can enter your tank and contaminate the fuel stored inside. Due to it's density water sinks to the bottom and is a fundamental cause of bacteria growth when in contact with new Bio Diesels. Commonly called 'Bugs in Fuel', if not removed these 'Bugs' reproduce and create a Bio Film which contaminates the inside of your tank. Their waste produces more water and a sludge that is the main cause of machinery damage and failure leading to costly downtime and loss of productivity. Using "Water Free Cells" can limit the risk as its clever design means that it attracts water and absorbs it.

Returns Information

Customers may return items within 14 calendar days (as per our Terms & Conditions) - refer to 4.6 & 4.7. **

Please be aware that returning a tank can be complicated and expensive so please check that you are ordering the correct item (we suggest checking the dimensions very carefully).

Delivery Information


The delivery of a tank can be confusing as each manufacturer offers a slightly different service and lead time. Please refer to our Delivery Information page.  Standard tank deliveries are "kerbside".


Most accessories will be delivered within 1-3 working days. If you require them quicker, we can on occasions offer a next day service (please contact us to discuss). If the item(s) are out of stock we will advise you of the expected lead time and you will of course have the opportunity to cancel with a full refund.

Customer Reviews

"Thank you for helping me with the problems that I was experiencing with water in my oil tank. Aqua-Zorb responded to my request in a timely manner, addressed all of my questions and the bags that were supplied sorted the problem and continue to keep water out of the heating boiler. I only wish that I had found out about Aqua-Zorb before. Amanda Dunn"
Star Rating 5

Product Code: WFC7K / WFC10K / WFC18K

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Suitable For Fuel: Bio Fuel, Diesel, Gas Oil, Heating Oil, Petrol

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